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 Bringing Ayurveda into the mainstream through

accreditation of Ayurveda programs,

as a basis for its acceptance as a licensed profession.

Council for Ayurveda Credentialing (CAC)
Accreditation Process

Thank you for your interest in accreditation with the Council for Ayurveda Credentialing, the only Ayurveda accrediting council in the USA, Canada & Europe dedicated to solely accrediting Ayurveda programs.

Read:  Policies, Procedure & Eligibility Standards

Watch the Video:

CAC Accreditation Process Presentation



















To begin the Candidacy process, please:

  • Watch the Video on the Accreditation Process Above

  • Download the Initial Application & Directions for Submission

        CAC Initial Application

        CAC Directions for Submission of Initial Application & Eligibility Packet

  • Submit Application & Pay the Application Fee

  • Download the 'Handbook for Accreditation' & CAC Eligibility Application Checklist from 'Accreditation Forms' page

       Password Available after receipt of Initial Application & Fees

Email us at info@cayurvedac.org for more info.