The Council for Ayurvedic Credentialing (CAC) is an independent, non-profit organization

committed to the standardization of Ayurvedic education in the US, Canada and Europe.

June 7, 2018 Webinar & Professional Forum


as a Student, as a School & as an Ayurveda Professional

QUESTIONS/ANSWERS During Live Transmission


What type of an accreditation organization is CAC? 

CAC is a programmatic accreditation which means rather than credentialing the school, it credentials the program of Ayurveda by conducting an in-depth assessment of the specialized professional program itself.


As a student of Ayurveda, what is my role in accreditation? 

Look for programs that are accredited for your future education.  As students, this process is a never ending journey and so as you move forward, you want to consider programs that are accredited so you know that is a higher level of training based on the oversight.


I am an Ayurvedic practitioner, how can I aid CAC? 

If you’re interested in volunteering reach out to us so we can see what will be the best fit for you.  Otherwise, all of us can help by education our communities on the training and others if they’re interested in study what to look for.


What is the difference between accreditation and approval?  

I don’t understand this question.  Approval by whom?  Approval is a general terminology and anyone can do this but it has no legal basis.  Accreditation is the only legal process.


We run two programs in our school, do we have to accredit both of them? 

Yes, each program level is accredited on their own.  If you have, like Oriental Medicine does, both a masters and a doctoral program, then each would have separate applications and accreditation/sustainability fees.


What is the future of CAC? Or what are the future steps CAC is considering? 

Our intention is to become the premier accrediting agency and become recognized by the DOE.  To assist the Ayurveda practice in becoming legalized.  We are currently accepting applications from Ayurveda programs.  We remain an inclusive council having our doors open to additional advisory board and committee members.  We are planning to have future fundraising and educational opportunities. 


We are a new Ayurvedic school, and are starting our program this fall, can we gain accreditation? 

You need to have graduated at least one group of students because you will need to show what the process and curriculum you have used. 

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